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Vision Statement

The vision of SCA Athletics is to consistently develop athletes and teams that compete and perform at the highest levels successfully. The entire athletic program will continually provide positive support and service to our school, community, and ultimately our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

The mission of SCA Athletics is to fulfill the ultimate mission of Spartanburg Christian Academy by promoting academic success, pursuing athletic excellence, and by demonstrating Christ-like character both on and off the field, court, and course.

Philosophy of the Athletic Department of SCA

The Athletic Department of Spartanburg Christian Academy is in place to augment the educational experience of the students at SCA by providing alternative means of instruction and interaction from the classroom. The Athletic Administration strongly believes that the rigors of team sports prepare our athletes for the successes and trials they will face in life. Most importantly, the Athletic Administration understands that the same disciplines needed for athletic success are also vital to the Christian Walk – and we aim to instill those disciplines in our athletes. Our hope is that through their experience in Warrior Athletics the students will be better equipped to serve God by understanding what it means to serve those around them.
“For I have given you an example that you should do as I have done to you.” John 13:15

Sports Offered During the School Year

All sport offerings are contingent on interest and sufficient numbers to field a team. Eligible grades are listed in parenthesis.

Fall Sports
Middle School Volleyball (5-8)
JV Volleyball (6-10)
Varsity Volleyball (8-12)
Junior Varsity Girls Cross Country (6-10)
Varsity Girls Cross Country (6-12)
Junior Varsity Boys Cross Country (6-10)
Varsity Boys Cross Country (6-12)
Football Cheerleading (5-12)
Varsity Girls Tennis (6-12)
Varsity Football (8-12)
Middle School Football (5-8)

Winter Sports
Middle School Girls Basketball (5-8)
Middle School Boys Basketball (5-8)
JV Boys Basketball (8-10)
Varsity Girls Basketball (8-12)
Varsity Boys Basketball (9-12)
Middle School Basketball Cheerleading (5-8)
Varsity Basketball Cheerleading (8-12)
Co-ed Bowling (6-12)

Spring Sports
Middle School Girls Soccer (5-8)
Varsity Girls Soccer (8-12)
Middle School Boys Soccer (5-8)
Varsity Boys Soccer (9-12)
Middle School Baseball (5-8)
Varsity Baseball (8-12)
Varsity Co-ed Golf (6-12)
Varsity Girls Softball (8-12)
Varsity Girls Track (6-12)
Varsity Boys Track (6-12)
Varsity Boys Tennis (6-12)