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Our Faculty and Staff


Rob McDonald                               Jerry Boyd                                       Josh Brown                                     Donna Locke
Headmaster                                   High School Principal                   Middle School Principal               Elementary Principal

Denise CookExtended Care Coordinator
Wendy BowenAdministrative and Technology Coordinator
Loulyn Turner, Director of Curriculum/Staff Development

Our Support Staff

Traci Arledge Web, Visual Media
Julie Arp, Assistant to the Headmaster
Julie Game, Receptionist
Joan GrayReceptionist
Kathi Johnson, International Homestay Program
Sue JohnsonMedia Specialist for Warrior Library
Lisa Nusz, Administrative Assistant
Janet PainterFinancial Assistant
Leigh Ann SkipperSchool Nurse
Kim WilliamsGuidance Counselor

Teacher Assistants

Linda Dickson3-4 Year Preschool
Renee Thompson5 Year Kindergarten and Office

Elective Faculty

Traci Arledge, Preschool Music, Visual Media and Yearbook
Amy Blanton, Elementary Science Lab and Cultural Studies
Deborah BlantonMS/HS Art
Sheila Conway, Elementary Computer
Krisila Foster, Choral Director

Adam MorganBand
Stacie Seay, Elementary and Intermediate Art

Athletic Faculty

Sean Rogers, Athletic Director
Wendy BowenAthletic Secretary
Chris Arp, Assistant Athletic Director 

Physical Education Faculty

Sam Jones, Head Football Coordinator/PE
Teresa MoselyDirector
John Wernquist, PES

Preschool Faculty

Kindergarten Faculty

Elementary Faculty

Pam Line1st Grade
Barbara Nestola, 1st Grade
Rikki Sawyer2nd Grade
Tina Seay2nd Grade
Renee Burdick3rd Grade
Carrie Osburne, 3rd Grade
Tonya Coffey4th Grade
Laura Hamlet4th Grade

Intermediate Faculty

Lynette Toney  5th and 6th Grades
Lacy White5th and 6th Grades

Middle School Faculty

Josh BrownMS Science
Sonya Edwards, MS English
Sharon Johnson, MS Computer Science and Science
April NicholsonMS Math
Loulyn Turner, 7th Grade Bible
Ryan WernquistMS Social Studies and 8th Grade Bible

High School Faculty

Chris ArpHS Science
Jerry Boyd, AP Calculus
Terry Carlton, AP Biology
Allison Clardy, HS Science
Wendy Duke, HS Bible
Thurston Faulkner, HS History & Senior Bible
Brandon Grigg, HS Math
thi Johnson, 9th Grade English
Joy Malone, HS English
April Nicholson, HS Math
Cassie Patillo, Spanish III
Adam Stevens, HS Social Studies
David Tate, HS Spanish and Bible
John Wernquist, HS Math
Ryan Wernquist, HS Global Studies
Kendall Williams, HS Math
Christy WillisHS English & Composition/Research