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The college preparatory curriculum offered at SCA meets or exceeds all SC college preparatory requirements. Along with a strong emphasis on Biblical principles, the curriculum features English, Spanish, Computer, Math, History and Laboratory Sciences as required subjects. SCA offers AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP History, AP Biology and AP English. SCA has a goal of ensuring that all students are well prepared for the PSAT and SAT, and upon graduation have a transcript that is suitable for application and acceptance to the college or university of their choice.

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CAREER DAY - Wednesday, April 26


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High School Service Hours

9th - 12th grades
In order to graduate, each student must have 50 service hours. These hours start at the beginning of the Freshman year of High School. They start their Service Hour registry and continue with it until the end of April their senior year.

Service Hours are to enhance the student’s awareness of the many opportunities around him/her. They are used to assist those in need or to spend time with an organization helping others. There are many, many opportunities for the students to become involved in.  To list  a few: Carolina Pregnancy Center, Soup Kitchen, Meals on Wheels, Homeless Shelter, Mission Trip with your church, shut – ins, working concession stand at SCA activities, Special Olympics, Upward, Vacation Bible School, etc. The student has to be in contact with the supervisor, teacher, minister…(person in charge). They will complete a document (that you will provide). This document states that the student, the job, time involved, and the students work ethic are to be filled out by the person in charge. The student cannot receive pay for the service rendered.

It is recommended to turn in these documents as the service is completed and do not wait until the Junior or Senior year. All Service Hour Documents are turned in to Mrs. Blanton.

You may print a copy of the Service Hour Form from the web site, or stop by Mrs. Blanton’s room and get a sheet at any time. If you have any questions about this, please email

Deborah Blanton



One Time Service Hours Event

Ongoing Service Hours Event