Letter From Our Headmaster 2017-10-27T17:05:23+00:00

From our Headmaster

Dear Parent,

Like the awesome responsibility of parenting, the art of schooling is not a neutral proposition. It is laden with values, beliefs and worldview perspectives. The SCA curricular and co-curricular programs display an organic integration of a Christian biblical perspective of the world and life.

But equally important to the art of schooling is the culture of learning and community. Every student deserves teachers who are uniquely prepared to make learning both successful and enriching to the mind, body and spirit. The community of SCA is centered on loving students as Christ loves us, and shepherding one another in a community of grace.

I invite you to explore our webpage to learn more about SCA. If you find yourself drawn to SCA, I invite you to schedule a visit to experience our community.


Rob McDonald

SCA Headmaster