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Second grade has been learning about community helpers. One of their requirements is to go watch a community helper on the job site and interview them. Then they make a poster and give a presentation in class.  The posters are on display in their hallway.
A volunteer from the Carolina Pregnancy Center, Debra Ort, came to speak with them about what they do to help our community.  As a missions project, second grade collected items for the Carolina Pregnancy Center. 

SCA Cross Country Team had its Cross Country Invitational last night, Monday, September 13th.  Each school that participated in the event donated cases of bottled water to give to our local

The first graders were taught a unit on 'Using Good Manners." The unit ended with parents and school administration reading books on manners.  They also had tea and cookies to practice their good manners.

Below is a link with a picture video.

SCA Varsity girls win again!!  They beat 42 schools in the Championship division of the Coaches Classic meet in Columbia. 
Logan Morris was top runner and finished 4th.
Results so far...
We have collected a ton and counting!!!  
We're Having a Book Pounding!

The Cross Country team faced 3 public school teams- Broome, Woodruff and Clinton.  Broome and Woodruff are both ranked in the top 10 in SC.

The 6th graders had a "Back to School Pool Party" this past Friday.  They also did a service project for the Carolina Pregnancy Center. They collected over 50 boxes of wipes.

SCA took 4 varsity cheerleaders from the spirit squad to UCA camp at Lander University July 21-24.

The squad gained recognition in the following areas: