Athletics at Spartanburg Christian Academy play a major role as one area that makes up this Academy. Athletics not only serve as a forum for our students to compete at high-levels but is used strategically as a teaching tool within the academic make-up of the Academy's curriculum.

Spartanburg Christian Academy has programs in baseball, basketball, bowling, competition cheerleading, cross-country, football, golf, spirit cheerleading, soccer, softball, tennis, track and field and volleyball.

Our heart is that every student at Spartanburg Christian Academy would be involved in Athletics in some capacity. In Athletics, we strive to develop attitudes of selflessness and humility. It is our goal to encourage, lift each other up, and challenge each student-athlete to pour themselves out on the court or field for each other and for God.

Spartanburg Christian Academy is a part of the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA). The Academy competes in the 2A classification.


In our 8 years of Varsity-level competition, the Lord has blessed us with:

  • 3 State Championship in Boy's Basketball
  • 4 State Championships in Competitive Cheerleading
  • 10 State Championships in Girl's Cross Country
  • 1 State Championship in Boy's Cross Country
  • 2 State Championship in Golf
  • 1 State Championship in Boy's Soccer
  • 1 State Championship in Girl's Soccer
  • 1 State Championship in Boy's Tennis
  • 7 State Championships in Girl's Track
  • 1 State Championship in Boy's Track
  • 7 State Championships in Volleyball