Homeschool Partnership

One of the top reasons for the existence of Christ-like schools is to
provide an education that is effective in the spiritual development of its
students.  Understandably, spiritual formation is a deliberate and
intentional plan advanced by each believer to stimulate continuous
growth throughout one’s lifetime.

Kingdom Education, the philosophy at Spartanburg Christian Academy,
focuses on bringing the home, church and school into a partnership for
the purpose of training the next generation.  Kingdom Education is
defined as the life-long, Bible-based, Christ-centered process of leading
a child into a new identity with Christ, developing a child according to
his/her specific abilities given to him by Christ, so that a child would be
empowered to live a life characterized by love, trust and obedience to

In an effort to provide Kingdom Education and upper level courses to
more families in the upstate, Spartanburg Christian Academy has created
a homeschool partnership. Homeschool families can enroll high school
students at Spartanburg Christian Academy on a part time basis.  
Student participants in our homeschool partnership may take core
subjects and fine arts classes.  Students will be able to attend the
homecoming social and the spring formal. Homeschool partnership
students will also be able to attend all athletic events for free.

Registration Fee: $175
Each Course:  $500.00 (may take up to three courses)

2016 Admissions and Financial Information
Homeschool Application
2016 Financial Contract

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